Rabbi Ron Herstik understands the importance of having a wise and caring rabbi officiate Jewish ceremonies across all stages of life. Whether it is a Jewish wedding, a baby naming, a bat or bar mitvah, a Jewish funeral or celebrating Jewish holidays, Rabbi Ron will ensure your ceremony is done properly with love and compassion. His unique approach welcomes all Jews and other seekers who are longing for a rich and accepting spiritual experience.


It’s a Simcha! Jewish weddings are wonderful celebrations where, in the Jewish Tradition, we imagine that the entire Jewish People are celebrating the coming together of two souls who are destined to be together. Rabbi Ron has worked with couples over many years to prepare for Jewish weddings, celebrate Jewish weddings, as well as renew wedding vows.

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Brit Milah -Bris – Jewish Circumcision

The brining of a boy into the Covenant of the Jewish people through the rite of circumcision is ancient, tracking its history in the Jewish Tradition to Abraham. Rabbi Ron has co-officiated many Brit Milah ceremonies (also referred to as a bris) with Mohels or Mohelets, as well as with medical doctors specially trained in the rite.

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Baby Naming

The Jewish baby naming ceremony is an important Jewish rite and celebration by which children are introduced to their Jewish community. Rabbi Ron has officiated many baby naming ceremonies, and looks forward to the opportunity to help welcome and support the child (or children — Rabbi Ron is the father of twins!) in their spiritual community.

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Bar and Bat Mitzvah

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah service is a symbolic bridge between childhood and young Jewish adulthood. The service symbolizes the active process of a Jewish child, joined by his/her parents, taking the positive step of purposefully, and not simply by dint of age. Rabbi Ron takes great care in preparing families for this momentous transition in Jewish life.

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Jewish Funerals

We have all heard the words of the biblical poem, “the Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want…” on many different occasions. We can’t help but be moved by Psalm 23, especially when we hear it recited at a funeral. It underscores one of life’s truths: the reality that we are mortal and that each of us comes from mystery and that to mystery we return. Rabbi Ron Herstik brings a compassionate and healing approach to Jewish Funeral Services.

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Jewish High Holiday Ceremonies

Rabbi Ron Herstik is available to help with your High Holidays services and celebrations in private settings. Please contact Rabbi Ron about booking high holiday ceremonies.

Destination Ceremonies

Rabbi Ron is available to perform the majority of his Rabbi services on location at the destination of your choosing. Please contact Rabbi Ron about booking destination ceremonies.

Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring

Spiritual guidance and mentoring is an opportunity to meet with Rabbi Ron and delve into religious–spiritual concerns affecting the individual and family.

With more than a thirty-six year career as an attentive listener and a spiritual guide, Rabbi Ron has cultivated what he calls “virtuous listening”. This is the art of not only hearing words but what is below them: the feelings, the emotions and anxieties that words alone cannot express.

In each meeting, Rabbi Ron will encourage and help you to become comfortable opening your heart and sharing your concerns, assuring you that all your concerns–religious, spiritual emotional–are legitimate and welcome. As Rabbi Ron listens to you, he will draw on his many years of experience to offer alternate possibilities and precious insights into your situation. He will draw on his knowledge of Jewish tradition, and several other religious and philosophical traditions which he has studied, to introduce you to alternatives in your thinking and behavior, that may lead you to a more positive, spiritual frame of mind.
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Areas Served

Areas Served

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