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Rabbi Ron has a longstanding reputation for being a dynamic, engaging and knowledgeable teacher, who is able to answer questions thoughtfully and interpret complex issues in an understandable way. His knowledge of anthropology, sociology of religions and history of religions becomes one of the important lenses through which he interprets Jewish history and the origin of various Jewish traditions as they have evolved into what Mordechai M. Kaplan, a famous 20tieth century rabbi, had called “Jewish civilization”.

Having studied Western and Eastern religions, Rabbi Herstik is also able to offer a clearheaded discussion and shed light on the similarities that religious traditions share in common and how it is that they differ. He brings together his extensive knowledge of different disciplines into an informative, exciting format, where discussion is highly encouraged and all questions are welcomed.

Rabbi Herstik offers seminars and workshops on a multitude of subjects. He is able to a teach a workshop on the practical, hands-on preparation of a Passover Seder and other holidays , as well as lecture on the complex history of how the one God belief developed Judaism; or discuss the origins of anti-Semitism. Rabbi has spoken and taught Jews and non-Jews of many different religious traditions. He has also spoken to elementary age school children on the sensitive subject of the Holocaust. While this is merely a small sampling of possible topics that Rabbi Ron has taught, discussed and lectured on, he is prepared to present many other themes having to do with Judaism, the ancient Near East, Eastern and Western religions, as well workshops on Jewish spirituality, meditation and guided imagery.

Rabbi Herstik is available to present his topics in different of formats: a onetime lecture/discussion, a seminars as well as a retreat where one or more themes are presented.

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