Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring

Spiritual guidance and mentoring is an opportunity to meet with Rabbi Ron and delve into religious–spiritual concerns affecting the individual and family.

With more than a thirty-six year career as an attentive listener and a spiritual guide, Rabbi Ron has cultivated what he calls “virtuous listening”.  This is the art of not only hearing words but what is below them: the feelings, the emotions and anxieties that words alone cannot express. In each meeting, Rabbi Ron will encourage and help you to become comfortable opening your heart and sharing your concerns, assuring you that all your concerns–religious, spiritual emotional–are legitimate and welcome.  As Rabbi Ron listens to you, he will draw on his many years of experience to offer alternate possibilities and precious insights into your situation. He will draw on his knowledge of Jewish tradition, and several other religious and philosophical traditions which he has studied, to introduce you to alternatives in your thinking and behavior, that may lead you to a more positive, spiritual frame of mind.

The range of possible areas of guidance are a great many, including personal belief about God or non-belief; guidance in the wake of tragedy; and how to approach and discuss death with children; issues in a marriage where individuals have different religious traditions; and dealing with issues of raising children in mixed religious household.   Beyond these areas that are open to guidance, Rabbi Ron welcomes the GLBT community, meeting with individuals who are open to religious, spiritual and personal insights that he is able to share.

Rabbi Ron is happy to meet you, you and your partner or family member by appointment. Meetings may last from an hour to two hours depending on your particular situation, so that fees are applied accordingly.

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