Renewal of Vows

Throughout our married lives we create “Touchstones,” memories of events that have touched our hearts deeply. Perhaps we find a way back to each other when we are angry by remembering a moment where our love for each other was deep and profound; the memory of that moment enables us to rise above our anger and enables us to find each other again. It may be that we have traveled to a special place where our focus on and attention for each other was amplified in that environment and, as a result, it holds special memories for us.

Whatever the “Touchstone,” it is an experience that reminds us that our spirit was uplifted when we were together. So it is that a Reaffirmation Ceremony is the desire to recapture and amplify a special experience or experiences that only we, together, were able to create. We reaffirm our commitment to each other and create yet another “Touchstone Moment.”

To prepare for a renewal of wedding vows, I meet with the couple similar to how I usually prepare a couple for a ceremony. That is something, however, which may vary from couple to couple. Here we have an opportunity to create a unique Jewish ceremony that reflects a couple’s desire.

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