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It’s a Simcha! It’s a wonderful celebration where, in the Jewish Tradition, we imagine that the entire Jewish People are celebrating the coming together of two souls who are destined to be together. Families and friends gather with the couple to help them celebrate beneath the Huppah (the wedding canopy) a future home, a place of the heart, a place of the soul and the mind. The home is established securely as the couple repeats the vows of making each other Kaddosh (holy), uplifting each other above all others.

By their presence, the family and friends become the guarantors of the Kiddushin (the marriage covenant): they will be there for the couple at times of celebration and, as well, at times of sadness. Just imagine the couple in the center of a circle, consisting of family and friends. The couple is always in the center and the family and friends surround them, as if to create the intimate boundary a couple requires to fully partake in the physical, emotional and intellectual intimacy two people require to maintain their unique marriage relationship. The wedding ceremony is thus the bridge from singlehood to the place of the covenant that made each of the people above and beyond others.

Rabbi Ron not only celebrates Jewish weddings, he helps couples of all types prepare and renew their relationship.

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