Approach to Jewish Education

While at Dor Hadash, I was one of the few Jewish educators who pioneered Family Education. I felt then, as I feel even more strongly now, that parents and their children should study Judaism together in a Jewish environment at least once a month. I want to teach parents to become their children’s teachers and at the same time to strengthen their own Jewish knowledge. I want to help parents acquire the confidence to openly discuss their own religious doubts and beliefs with their children.

What I hope is that parents will internalize the mindset that Jewish learning was ongoing and not just for their children. In the end, I want to help parents become Jewish role models for their children. I believe that some of what I was doing rubbed off on the parents. Dor Hadash recently celebrated its thirtieth anniversary and the parent-child program is still at the core of the education program. Many years had elapsed for me as the Rabbi of the congregation. And that was just my beginning!

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