La Jolla Wedding Locations

When you come to La Jolla, CA, all you have to do is stand at any location on the beach to appreciate the beautiful seascape–a very romantic setting for a beach wedding. Either on the sand or overlooking the beach, there are magnificent spots to put up a Huppah for a Jewish wedding. I have officiated at weddings on and off the beach—it’s inspiring, breathtaking to behold not only the beauty of the place but also the radiance of the bride and groom against the background of the ocean.

La Jolla Women’s Club

If you’re inclined to have your wedding in a beautiful garden, then the La Jolla Women’s Club, which has a history going back to 1914, is your choice. The Club “provides a peaceful and luxurious setting for a La Jolla wedding. With its ocean view, famous Irving Gill building and exquisite gardens, La Jolla Women’s club is extremely popular for garden weddings and receptions. The club is situated on its own spacious grounds, including two ceremony gardens.”

I have presided over weddings in the Club’s two garden several times in past years. There are several possible locations within the gardens to put-up a Huppah and create a variety of “moods” for a ceremony. Aside from the beauty of the gardens and the kind of wonderful aesthetic they convey, I have always been impressed with the cordiality of the staff and the good service provided to guests. The food is good and the garden, with tablecloths of various colors and flowers on tables, creates a romantic setting, where a meal is enjoyed and dancing invites guests to prolong the wedding festivities.

La Valencia Hotel

The La Valencia hotel, also called the “Pink lady,” is located in downtown La Jolla, overlooking the La Jolla coastline. The hotel advertises itself as “old world-charm and a new outlook. Style and substance. Big picture windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean and attention to the smallest detail.”

I vouch for the hotel, they are all of the things they claim. I have officiated at countless weddings here, always impressed by the elegance of the venue and service offered, and it’s true–the view from the windows is magnificent.

The ceremonies I conducted at the hotel were held in the large hall-like lobby that terminates in a large window overlooking the ocean. Huppah is set-up so that the bride and groom are close to window and are able gather inspiration and celebrate their romance during the wedding ceremony as they gaze at the wondrous view. There are banquet halls that accommodate both small and large weddings and also offer an ample dance area.

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD)

I am sure that you have been to a museum at least a couple of times in your life, but have you attended a wedding at one? La Jolla offers the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) as your wedding venue. Aside from its offerings of art, it boasts of facilities that can be rented throughout the year for a small or large wedding. There is also an outdoor patio where a small wedding can be held, overlooking the ocean.

The venue is comfortable and offers a unique setting for those who want to join the aesthetic of art and a romantic wedding ceremony. The weddings I have performed here have been a little more formal and, at the same time, very celebratory. The MCASD is located in downtown La Jolla.

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